It’s your environment: DrugWaste bins allow for more sustainable practices.

DrugWaste bins allow for better segregation of waste at the point of disposal.

  • Once emptied of their drugs into the DrugWaste bins, the plastic administration goods and packaging used for the storage and administration of drugs no longer needs to be placed into incineration or into landfill waste streams as much of it can be recycled.
  • DrugWaste bins complement efforts by hospitals and waste management companies to reduce their impact on the environment.

Prevents drugs from entering our water systems

When drugs are disposed of into the sink, they end up in the wastewater system which is not designed to remove drugs. This enables pollutants to leach into waterways, negatively impacting the quality of our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Some wastewater treatment facilities also produce sludge (marketed as ‘biosolids’). These biosolids still contain drugs and are often applied to agricultural environments. Scientists recognise the devastating effects drugs have on various animal species, particularly fish and aquatic mammals. We must address these concerns for the sake of our ecosystems as well for future generations.