It’s an Australian made solution: Australia has very strict legislation pertaining to the safe disposal of all scheduled drugs. DrugWaste bins are a product designed to provide a quick, inexpensive and effective solution in compliance with these laws.

NSQHS standards: Whilst many hospitals have policies that consider the NSQHS standards, they lack the simple and practical means for clinicians to comply with policy.

  • DrugWaste bins provide a simple means to facilitate cultural change as they provide an easy means by which a clinician can comply with policy and legislation.

  • DrugWaste bins provide a visual reminder about the importance of proper drug waste disposal. It is a dedicated solution to the problem of what to do with unused medication.

  • DrugWaste bins provide a solution when only part of a tablet, capsule, ampoule or infusion is required.


Hospitals are required under legislation to ensure appropriate waste segregation.

DrugWaste bins provide a purpose-built bin solution for the disposal of drugs.

  • DrugWaste bins provide a solution for the common misuse of sharps bins for the disposal of drugs.

  • DrugWaste bins located at the point of administration prevent drugs from being stolen or misused any time between the patient’s bedside to the incinerator.


Using DrugWaste bins saves hospitals money

DrugWaste bins allow for much better optimisation of waste streams by allowing appropriate segregation at the point of disposal.

  • PVC can be put into recycling streams

  • Using sharps bins for disposal of unused drugs and related packaging is a massive waste of money as sharps bins are one of the most expensive clinical waste streams in a hospital. DrugWaste bins provide a much more cost effective and compliant alternative to sharps bins for the disposal of drugs.

  • DrugWaste bins allow non-PVC drug packaging to go into general (and much cheaper) waste streams rather than into sharps bins.