Responsible and compliant disposal of drug waste


It’s a good solution: a bin for the disposal of unused or expired drugs (including S8 and S4R drugs)

  • bins for the disposal of tablets and capsules.

  • bins for the disposal of liquids and injectables.

Its your environment: our bins prevent environmental damage through the inappropriate disposal of expired or unused medication

  • Prevents drug waste from entering the water ways.

  • Allows for waste stream segregation.

  • Enables recycling.

It’s the law: facilitates compliance to national standards and reduces the cost of disposal in hospitals and pharmacies

  • As per NSQHS standards, DrugWaste bins render drugs unrecognisable and unusable at the point of disposal.

  • Allows for drugs to be disposed of in a waste stream destined for incineration as per the standards.

  • Correct segregation allows for more cost-effective disposal of medications.

  • Stops people using sharps bins for non-compliant disposal of medications.

  • Enables PVC and packaging to go into recycling waste streams.